Raytheon Company's Judy Hardin Endorses The Cluster

As a leading aerospace and defense company, Raytheon Company provides technical solutions to customers on an international basis. Raytheon specializes in numerous capabilities, which include integrated defense systems, intelligence, information, & services, missile systems, and space & airborne systems. Raytheon can trace its roots in Huntsville back to the 1960s. Raytheon has continued to expand its innovative technology capabilities, as it has become more integrated within the local aerospace and defense industry. In fact, Raytheon recently strengthened its long-term investment in the local industry by opening a Standard Missile production facility on the U.S. Army’s Redstone Arsenal. This new facility allows for assembly and testing of Standard Missile-3 and SM-6 interceptors.

Through its regular participation in key Cluster activities, Raytheon has become one of the HADTCI’s most well known members. Such heavy involvement would not be possible without the company’s Small Business and Program Manager, Judy Hardin. Judy brings a formidable twenty years of experience in the aerospace industry, handling many cross-functional responsibilities, such as program management, acquisition, business development, and public relations. Additionally, Judy’s broad repertoire includes extensive involvement with the local community. Judy served as the president of the Missile Defense Agency Business Council, and is also a prominent supporter of the Women Business Center of North Alabama, Marshall Space Flight Center Supplier Council, and NDIA-Women in Defense Mentoring.

Due to her willingness to open Raytheon’s doors to numerous Cluster events, such as ideation sessions and other collaborative events, Judy has steadily become an exemplary member of the Cluster community. During such events, Judy is a consistently active participant; her innate initiative drives her to facilitate discussion with speakers through her pertinent input and questions. When asked about the importance of involvement in Cluster events, Judy commented, “The Cluster provides a strong foundation for aerospace and defense-oriented small businesses to discover technical opportunities and expand their networks. Cluster members should absolutely take advantage of such collaborative tools so as to enhance their abilities to provide the necessary technical solutions to their customers.” We love Judy’s energy and willingness and her constant promotion of the synergy potential that exists in Huntsville. The Cluster would like to thank Judy for her consistent participation and support of the Cluster and its events.

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