Drake State's Capabilities for the Cluster Region and Beyond

Workforce Development
J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College is committed to serving its community as the primary provider of workforce development education and training. Through its Workforce Development Division, the college provides a number of services and programs designed to provide workforce development for employers located in the college's service area. These programs are encompassed in three divisions:

• Training for Existing Business and Industry (TEBI) – Customized Training Programs
• Workforce Training – Open Enrollment Certification Courses
• Adult Continuing Education (ACE) Programs

Training for Existing Business and Industry
The J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College training for existing business and industry program interfaces with local business and industry in establishing courses and programs dedicated to specifically identified community employment and cross-training needs. Local industries are contacted on a regular basis for the purpose of determining their training concerns as well as making them aware of the institution's training capabilities.

Industry partners of the college regularly seek specialized training to be coordinated and provided by the college, utilizing the college's existing training resources. As a result of this interaction with industry, the college is able to assess market demand for the local service area to determine the training that the institution should provide, whether through Training for Existing Business / Industry (TEBI) programs or regular program instruction. The college also partners with Alabama Industrial Department Training (AIDT) to provide customized training for new or expanding industries in Huntsville / Madison County, Alabama.

Workforce Training – Certification Courses
Continuous training and retraining of the workforce is important to the viability of local companies. The J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College Workforce Training program provides the opportunity for people to training for a new career in a short amount of time, upgrade their current skills, or become certified in career mobility programs.

Short term non-credit, certificate courses are offered in the following areas:
• Manufacturing and Industrial Systems
• Health and Social Science
• Engineering and Electronic Technology
• Computer Information Systems
• Renewable Energy
• Construction

Adult Continuing Education (ACE) Programs
The ACE programs provide citizens of North Alabama with flexible, innovative, life enrichment courses at a reasonable cost. Classes are designed to provide students with the skills needed to pursue personal goals.

Example of ACE Programs offerings include:
• Entrepreneurship
• Culinary Art
• Lifelong Learning
• Online Self-paced Courses